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Monica Silva

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We educate and counsel our clients on the design and preparation of good corporate governance standards, assisting them with the definition and development of strategies. AZ has a long history and extensive experience providing service to clients concerning Antitrust and regulated markets. We have an integrated and multidisciplinary team who work closely with the top pharmaceutical companies in the industry.

We advice venture capitalists, both national and foreign, about establishment of funds, corporate governance, and investment structuring and financing, among others. Advertising, marketing and promotion are governed by vast applicable regulations and have been subject to a series of new regulations, especially in the area of new technologies and new methods used in these disciplines. This allows us to rely on a network of contacts in over 60 countries, offering our clients comprehensive and excellent advice, domestically and in other jurisdictions.

AZ has ample national and international experience and knowledge in Banking and Financial Law matters, enabling us to advise national and foreign entities with respect to all types of banking and financial transactions, such as syndicated operations, project financing, debt restructuring, capital and debt placement, securitizations, derivatives operations, and asset management, among others.

AZ offers full-service counseling to companies conducting business in the global market, and ensures the establishment of efficient frameworks and structures in transaction matters. AZ has vast experience in representing investment funds in different types of transactions, including minority investments and purchases. Our practice in this area includes advising venture capitalists, national and foreign, with respect to the establishment of funds, corporate governance, and investment structuring and financing, among others.

Our lawyers have a profound knowledge of information technology rights, data protection, technology transfers, domain names and information security, enabling us to efficiently address global challenges, both regulatory and corporate, in a wide range of businesses. AZ manages specially-designed tools to preserve, protect and ensure an orderly and efficient transfer of the estate, and personal or family assets, optimizing the related financial and tax load, and ensuring a minimal disruption in business operation.

AZ has broad experience in the development, financing, construction, and sale of all types of real estate by actively participating in all stages of project realization.

Our counseling encompasses everything from the design of the legal and tax structures of a given project to the resolution of any conflicts that might arise during or after its execution. AZ has broad experience counseling clients in insurance and re-insurance matters, and in providing support in litigation and arbitration of such matters.

Our team of attorneys has played an active role in advising our corporate clients in the revision and execution of policies and risk coverage, and also in representing clients in liability litigations and proceedings before the SVS Chilean Securities Superintendence.

AZ is one of the main players in intellectual property matters in Chile. The different types of conflicts and disputes our clients face, both national and foreign, have enabled our team to adapt to and successfully perform in various complex legal scenarios. AZ is considered one of the most prestigious firms in Chile in litigation matters, and our lawyers are valued not only for their ample ability in designing strategies and adopting decisions prior to trial, but also for their skill and capacity to prepare and bring forward the disputes presented before them until they obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

AZ has broad experience in corporate counseling for domestic and foreign companies. AZ is a full service firm which allows us to meet all legal needs of each company according to its stage of development and the industry to which it belongs.

Our litigation experience allows us to offer counsel including dispute settlement, lawsuits and labor claims. AZ has extensive experience in the area of public law, providing advice in administrative law, constitutional litigation, state contracts, administrative claims, regulatory processes, and governmental advisory, among others.

In an environment where government participation is constantly growing through more active regulatory agencies and more sophisticated regulations, AZ offers its clients comprehensive counseling and accompanies each client, from risk prevention to conflict resolution with the Administration. We have moved in a challenging and changing regulatory environment, from one of traditional compliance to one that is more integrated with reality which involves all areas of business.

Such transition has gone from the usual formal planning to one that considers the economic and legal reality of the company. We have represented sellers, buyers, public or private majority and minority shareholders, and financial backers in various transactions such as mergers, separations, reorganization and other types of corporate restructuring.

Our extensive national and international contact network allows us to help our clients find the best strategic partners and investors for their success.

Issues surrounding Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility are becoming of great importance not only in the corporate world but also in public administration, where the right concept contributes greatly to generate trust in the market and acts in a socially responsible and productive manner.

AZ has extensive experience advising clients in the design and development of Corporate Governance standards, working alongside large and small enterprises such as family businesses and family offices in the definition and development of Corporate Governance strategies.

We are a full-service Firm that provides a comprehensive service to our clients in addition to having a preventive and systematic model of legal risk management that relates to Codes of Good Practice and crime prevention programs and corporate responsibility. As a result of the arrival of foreign professionals into the Chilean market, AZ offers a specialized immigration service, such as obtaining work permits and visas, temporary residence visas, and document legalization. AZ has broad experience in bankruptcy cases, company restructuring and liquidation.

Y ya hay diversas organizaciones que impulsan esta nueva forma de mejorar el entorno. SBIF cambia normas de provisiones. Expertos plantean que no hay conciencia de sus beneficios. Senado aprueba nueva Ley de Quiebras. El gobierno corporativo debe agregar valor. ROE crece con riesgo operacional y financiero. Incertidumbre acerca de los gastos fijos pesa sobre la multitienda. Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros Ver web.

Financial Accounting Standards Board Ver web.

Misión Familiar Internacional – La Iglesia de la Familia.

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