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Always positive and so knowledgeable not only in religion but about Art and Philosophy. You taught me so much when my family and I visited you at the Vatican in Roma last year about Michael Angelo and his works and the history of the paintings and the Vatican.

It was a highlight of my life. To know you was an honour. God has called for you and I know you are with your father in heaven. Rip my beautiful friend. Love from Australia and the Sullivan family. Heartbroken to hear of the passing of Brother Anthony, my family and I were due to meet him in Rome, travelling from Australia, at the Vatican in early June, he was telling me how it would be one of his last tours and how he knew it would be such a special day for himself and my family.

What a beautiful godly man, forever in our thoughts, truly a man of the people. God bless you Brother Anthony. No lo conosi no se ingles pero su historia me conmueve y Madre su libro traduciendolo con mi celular, ciento que hay algo para mi , mis condolencia. You will be greatly missed. Although we had never met, thousands of miles apart, you were kind enough to take my prayer intentions and pray for my family.

You made such a great impact, you inspired me through Instagram to be more committed to the catholic faith and through your online presence, I have been connected to so many other great priests, nuns and lay persons online. You have been in my prayers since I heard of your passing almost 2 weeks ago, I will continue to pray for you and your family.

You have done fantastic things. Let us go hence, for you in Me, and I in you, together we are one undivided person. Only then do we realize that the Father can change even the last enemy, death, into eternal life, punishment into the highest reward, fear into bliss eternal.

It is not merely a victory; it is a radical reversal of everything we have heard of, experienced and expected. Freeman…I am so deeply saddened to learn of the loss of your dear son Anthony. Having just lost my own dear son Christopher in the same manner…God took him in his sleep…just like your son.

Truly heartbroken…I will pray for you and you will pray for me…God took our sons! He was such a special soul. Every time I need it prayer he always extended a hand. My condolences to his loved ones and friends. The thought of Brother Anthony carrying the Cross on Easter Sunday and then being called from this life here on earth left a powerful impression on me.

Christians are called to carry their crosses and follow Jesus by dying to ourselves, meaning turning our wills over to Jesus. After the Easter Sunday Mass at St. I met him through Instagram and was very moved by his prayer-a-thon. I followed him regularly.

Such a beautiful soul. Seeing his enthusiasm, even while walking in the snow, talking about his fellow seminarians was contagious. I was looking forward to his ordination day, and evolution in the priesthood, but now we have a saint in Heaven. I truly believe Brother Anthony fulfilled his God-given mission and that he will now be able to intercede on our behalf.

Unfortunately but still fortunate, I am so grateful to have met Br. Anthony only after his passing. I love his work and will be praying with him regularly for guidance and inspiration. I believe in the communion of saints and pray this is a beginning.

His work must go on! His example and zeal for a holy life was exemplary! Anthony truly touched me personally, even though I was a stranger to him. He direct messaged me in response to a prayer request I had. Now in heaven, Br. I enjoy watching his videos on his blog and humbly request that no one take those down. His messages are very important for all of us. My deep gratitude goes out to Br. May all his family and friends be consoled.

God bless each of you! Anthony Freeman, pray for us: The world has lost a true apostle of Christ and an inspiration to us all. We are blessed to have known him since birth. He was a gift from God and for those of us who knew him, we will forever be changed for the better.

His love of Christ and the truth of his conviction was evident in everything he did. Thank you, God, for letting this remarkable human being be part of our lives and for showing us the unending joy of being in Your Light as Br Anthony displayed daily. To say you will be missed deeply is an understatement. I now have his book and will use it to help others.

I also feel I have a friend in heaven who will help pray for my teenage students. God bless you, Br. To eternal life and may you Rest In Peace! We were blessed to meet him several years ago, and he deeply touched our lives.

His zeal , love of the Catholic faith and love of others was a blessing to all. We loved his pictures and comments on the Churchathon in Rome. Our continued prayers for all. My most sincere condolences to you Debbie and all the Freeman family and all his Brothers in Christ. My family and I will always treasure spending a memorable day with him in Rome touring the Vatican, having lunch and walking through the city with him.

The most enthusiast apostole we ever met! We loved following him and sharing his path! We will truly miss him. Brother Anthony Freeman, illuminated in his short existence the world, with the mission that characterized him to bring the gospel of Christ, be part of it, be in Christ and his message of salvation. His warm smile and that desire to continue with his most noble goals and achievements. From heaven beside the heavenly Father, he will accompany us forever. My condolences to your family.

Mother Maria Blasina and Diego Galvishburg count of miracampo. El Hermano Anthony Freeman, ilumino en su corta existencia el mundo , con la mision que lo caracterizo llevar el evangelio de Cristo, ser parte de el, estar en Cristo y su mensaje de salvacion.

Su calida sonrisa y ese deseo por seguir adelante con sus mas nobles metas y realizaciones. Desde el cielo al lado del Padre celestial, nos acompanara por siempre.

Mis condolencias a su familia. Madre Maria Blasina y Diego Galvishburg conde de miracampo. He passed early for a Dad, 56 years young from Teaching in Classroom contaminated with asbestos. I am deeply saddened by this. I did not know Br Anthony, but I would like the Freeman family to know that my thoughts and prayers goes out them and Br Anthony. Pray for us in heaven, Br Anthony. We are so saddened by the loss of your beloved son, Brother Anthony. Was only privileged to have met him once or twice at Church, but, so impressed with him.

He accomplished many things in his young life, and inspired so many others thru his deep Faith. Praying that God keeps you all in his care, and gives you strength and peace for the days ahead. Although I did not know Br. Anthony, I would like to express my sincerest condolences to all of his family and Legionary family. I am praying for all of you. I only knew you through your Instagram posts.

You touched my heart through your updates and helped me in my faith. Sono vicina nella preghiera alla famiglia di Padre Anthony e alla grande famiglia dei Legionari di Cristo. Non ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere personalmente Padre Anthony ma le testimonianze in Suo ricordo sono la prova della Sua grandezza.

My deeply sorrow for his Family, Brother Anthony was a great human being , authentic apostle of Crhist, Rest in peace!!! I was unaware of Br Anthony until a few days ago when I saw it posted on one of my social media feeds that he had passed away. My deep condolences and prayers go out to his family friends and loved ones ……..

My deepest condolences to the Freeman family and friends of Br. I recently had requested to follow him and he accepted. He answered a comment regarding him going on his retreat and serving in Easter Mass with Pope Francis.. I asked him to let me know how his retreat went upon his return…May he rest in peace and may God give him eternal rest and strength to his family.. Prayers from Cathedral City, Ca. Que Dios les de paz y consuelo. Un abrazo desde Costa Rica. Brother Anthony fue un privilegio aprender de usted y trabajar con usted.

What a beautiful soul that will be missed. Please post if there will be state-side service for him. My 23 year old son died suddenly in the early minutes of Christmas Day last year while doing voluntary work in Cambodia with the Marist Brothers. May the souls of these young men Rest In Peace. Being so young, the notice about his death was shocking since we need joyful and generous priests like him and it is hard to understand that God has different plans… Nevertheless his life was full and trascendent, living every second to the top and leaving a beautiful example to all of us who met him.

I first met brother Anthony in Instagram and was inspired with his faith. Then unexpected I saw him Notre Dame in Jerusalem Center and in Old City of Jerusalem — always active, bright, devoted to Christ, happy, even early morning on his foot. Rest in Peace, brother Anthony, prays from orthodox Russia stay with you.. Brother Anthony prayed for my family on several occassions. Those prayers were deeply felt.

As time went on I began to have more peace and joy through his prayers. In many ways he was a saint to me on earth. Brother Anthony please continue to pray for us in heaven. Anthony Freeman la luz perpetua. Such a wonderful, generous, and supportive person in Br Anthony. Truly someone that could be looked to as a saint walking among us. Full of love and energy for teaching and following Christ. I truly enjoyed your bsmiling,inspirational posts. You will remain in my prayers.

Muy querido en Cristo, H Anthony: Gracias hermano por tu testimonio de vida. Descansa en los brazos de Dios bajo el manto de Maria. Ya se reunio con Dios y hoy comtempla su rostro y le brinda esa hermosa sonrisa que solo la da el que tiene a Cristo en su corazon. Pidamos a Dios fortaleza para sus familiares. Now your youth and your love for the Lord live in eternity before His love and beauty. Rest in God the Father and console the heart of those who love you here on earth.

Totalmente conmovida, por el nacimiento del hermano Anthony a la vida eterna. Su profundo anhelo de adorar, servir, seguir a Cristo. Sentimiento de tristeza por su familia ante lo inesperado. I only have joyful memories of Br Anthony. I joined ICAS in 9th grade with him and especially remember the basketball games. He was the ideal center I always wanted on my team because he would block so many shots and pull in those rebounds. I also worked with him, saving the leftover food after lunch each day.

He always had a positive attitude and made sacrificing himself seem easy. I had contact with him every now and then over the past 15 years, and always admired how he could be so holy without drawing attention to himself over it.

To me Br Anthony is a real saint. Sorry for the loss of Brother Anthony. May he Rest In Peace. He was a light to the world! Condolences to his family and friends. What a beatiful smile of his! May our Lord conforts your hearts and give you peace! May Now illuminate to Jesus in Heaven with such smile!

I know three boys who are praying for him for sure, Marco, Lucas and Matias who were talking with him through Facebook they are going to missed him too! Our condolences to his parents. We lost our only son Father Darin Didier at age 33, 3 weeks from his 33 birthday having been a priest for only 3 months. Am looking for more info on our newest Saint Anthony. His video on comfort zones spoke to me and that was the reason I started following him on Instagram.

Praying for him and his family. He was such a spirited young man who lived to serve God and was happy with his life. Brother Anthony please pray for us in heaven. Sure you have your position in paradise. Please give us your blessing for you are blessed by Jesus. And please ask Jesus for forgiveness and mercy which we are in a bad need for. Rest in peace dear Br. Dearest family and friends of Brother Anthony, Brother Anthonys You Tube videos are like mini retreats and brought peace to my soul this morning.

Such a blessed spiritual legacy. Brother Anthony is praying for us, undoubtedly, as we for him. Carissimo Brother Anthony… Despite I have known you for a short time you have left a vivid trace in my heart. Your profound human skills, the contageous smile, the admirable energy and hunger for life and others made of you an inspiring Legionary for everyone that met you endeed! I will forever hold the valuable memory of the tour we shared and our passionate conversations about God and Art. Please keep shining on us and continue being inspiring for our lives.

One thought goes to your loving family, that I have only met through your words. With gratefulness and prayers for Your precious Soul. I did not know Br. And yet, having met other Legionaries of Christ seminarians, I feel spiritually I did know him. I know how profoundly each and every Br. Cristo, ha Resucitado, Verdaderamente ha Resucitado. May you enjoy eternal life with our heavenly father, mother and Jesus. Nos ha dejado un gran recuerdo en nuestros corazones.

Lo encomiendo en mis oraciones por su eterno descanso. May the blessings of Our Lord being upon you. My prayers and love for your family in this difficult time of loss.

As a mom, my hard is sad for the Freeman family and LC community. However, what an accomplished life Br. Anthony had at such a young age especially the past couple of weeks. Jesus, I trust in YOU. We have to believe that because to die in such a state of grace is a true gift.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Mi solaridad a la distancia. I did not know him but I was really impressed by the comments on his strong faith and I am sure that now he is the peace of heaven! RIP dear brother in Christ. Brother Anthony enter into the Eternal Ordination of Him who calls us from death to life — far outpassing any earthly ordination.

May you live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved and cared for you. I never meet him in my entire life. I even never hear from him before his death. However, when I saw the announcement of his death on Facebook, and I knew better who he was by watching his video and lestening to people who knew him, I felt like I always know him. I am very devastated by his death I have decided to have a fast Friday today in order, by the intercession of the Very Holy Virgin Mary, his soul may see the Almighty Father tomorrow, the first Saturday of the month devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Lord grant our prayers and Br Anthony Freeman, pray for us when you will be in the Presence of your Lord! I cannot believe I will not see your smiling face anymore on my Instafeed. You were a true leader and inspired many of us to live our Catholic Faith.

Pray for us now that you see Him in all His resurrected glory. Paalam sa iyo Brother Anthony! You brought us the joy of Christ that surpasses all understanding. May you rest in peace. Please continue to guide us and pray for us. I loved his daily encouragement and loving heart. Often I would share with others. Spoke to him couple of times and he will be missed. NO me resta sino agradecerle a Dios el privilegio de haberte conocido.

Rest In Peace, Br. You were an inspiration to me and will be missed. So sorry and shocked to hear this news! Your purity was evident in your smile and your treatment of all.

Your piety was silent but visible in the front row of the chapel during adoration. Your frequent hidden service which I often saw you performing in the kitchen and the dining room, interrupting meals to make sure others around you had what they needed, were a motivation for me to be more charitable myself. Your love for your vocation as I saw it was extraordinary, and others testify they experienced your enthusiasm from the very beginning of your journey.

On the basketball court there was no way around that wing span of yours, and your self control and self possession was ever present, even upon receiving hard fouls and unfair tricks. Many had the blessing of being inspired by your holiness online, but I am proud to say I knew you in person.

Thank you for being with us and pray for us still fighting the good fight from which you emerged the victor. Pray for us, so that we may live as you told us: May he rest in peace having served Christ, the Great High Priest! Gracias por el ejemplo que nos dejas. Mis oraciones por ti y por tu familia. Anthoni, honesto que fuiste honesto decimos todos de ti honesto de honestidad , honesto como cristiano, honesto como hijo, honesto como hermano, honesto como amigo.

No tuviste tache, aguantas los tre honestos. So saddened to hear of the death of this young man of God. Brian and Debbie, our prayers are with you and all of your family in this difficult time.

At this glorious liturgical time in the Church let us recollect those most comforting words of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am praying for his family and the Legionnaires Community that the Risen Christ welcome him into the eternal bliss of His loving arms to bring him the peace and happiness of which all of us hope for to be in the presence of God, the Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints. May he rest in peace and happiness. Gran hombre, servicial, de grandes cualidades humanas y cristianas.

Sin duda, un ejemplar religioso legionario. Pedimos por su eterno descanso y rogamos a Dios que llene a su familia de fortaleza, paz y alegria de la certeza que el Hno Antony disfruta ya la Gloria! My deepest sympathy and the sad news for the death of Br.

Anthony which I knew him very well from the Priests Course in Jerusalem. I am so sad and shocked to hear this news. Descanse en paz Hermano! Tenga presente nuestras intenciones personales y La Paz en El Salvador.

Q Dios te bendiga, que te conceda el descanso eterno y que brille para Ti la luz perpetua. Me ayadava mucho espiritualmente con sus post on Instagran. Estas feliz ahora, Br. All my love and support to the family. Hoy nuestro hermano goza de la gloria de Dios y sin duda estaba listo y estaba preparado para el sacerdocio ybes una muestra de que los planes de Dios son perfectos, que en Paz descanse yben mis oraciones Anthony yba su familia mis condolencias amorosas.

I cannot believe my eyes. I last met Br Anthony at the Paulines bookstore in Rome only a couple of months ago. He was very excited about his ordination and also told me about the book he had written. Always cheerful and with a great smile. May he now rest in peace and I pray that his family may find consolation and comfort in the Paschal Mystery especially during this special season of Easter.

My sincere sympathy and condolence to the Freeman Family in the passing away of Anthony. Also a big loss to the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ. I am sorry for your loss. Rest assured of my prayers and Masses for the repose of his soul and for the bereaved family. The Legionaries of Christ Fathes have been an acquaintance. Nunca le vi triste. Gracias por su vida tan buena!!! I was just looking thru twitter and saw you. Thank you Holy Spirit. I pray for comfort and peace for your family during this time.

I pray for your intentions Bro. Anthony Freeman, may your soul Rest In Peace. Que o Anthony descanse em paz por toda eternidade. I bought your book and the next day I found out you died. I never met you but your being, words that you spoke and actions speak louder than anything. Why did you have to be called home so soon? Perhaps this was your duty and it was time to return home. Continue to watch over us.

Thank you for being you. God bless you and your family. Condolence and we are praying for the Freeman family and the Legion of Christ community too. I will got a copy of his wonderful book too. The power of social media and the power of prayers from all over the world…… I am so very sad and am praying for this young man and his family.

Because of him I am inspired to be a better person and a better Catholic. May the choirs of angels lead you into Paradise. My prayers for your family and friends. I know that you are in the presence of the Lord. Please pray for us. I pray you take Br. Anthony into Your tender care, and, give him eternal peace.

Heal their broken hearts. Anthony truly was a man of God. Rest in perfect peace, Br. Anthony, you will not be forgotten. Anthony touched the hearts of so many people with his passion for Christ. What Peace it gives me to know that such a faithful man is praying for all of us here on a Earth.

He accomplished so much in his 29 years of life and most do in their lifetime. Rest In Peace in the arms of our Lord. Gracias a Dios por haberlo conocido en enero de Dios te bendiga y bendiga a tu familia que sufre tu partida. Dificil comprender pero Dios lo tiene en un lugar privilegiado. Fortaleza a sus padres y familia. No lo conoci personalmente pero creo q como todos los futuros sacerdotes q son otro Cristo en la tierra y tienen su alma generosa.

Ruego a Dios para q este cerca de El. Y pido por la familia, por su pronta resignacion. Con todo amor y respeto. Patricia Luevano de Miramontes. Descanse su Alma en Paz. Sono Carmelo Pandolfi e sono stato suo professore. Il Signore ci salva con la Sua morte e continua ad aver bisogno di chi muore con Lui. Oh Lord grant eternal rest to your son and to his families consolation and fill his vacuum with your Spirit. To the families, be courageous and consoled.

Por este medio, deseo expresar mis condolencias, a los familiares y amigos del H. Dios le otorgue el descanso y la luz que no tienen fin. De Maggiolo, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Risplenda a lui la luce perpetua, riposi in pace. Br Anthony, we never met in person but I feel like I knew you from your posts on Instagram. You were so helpful when I asked you questions about Rome when I was planning a trip. I am offering my Divine Mercy chaplet for you this week. Please pray for us as we will pray for you, my brother in Christ! I am sad, especially for the Church, in this moments of life, we need men just like Anthony Freeman.

God has His plans and that should be our comfort. My prayers are for his family and close friends. May the Lord gives them the strength and and hope to go through this difficult time. Un abrazo hasta el cielo!!! We are praying for your eternal rest, we are sure you are close to Jesus now. Regnum Christi will miss you.

Thank you for inspiring so many people. You reached thousands through your Instagram postings. You helped us along the way. Keeping us close to God and guiding us in His wisdom. May you Rest In Peace and pray for us as we will do for you. Until we meet in Heaven. Que en Paz descanse, Dios le tenga en su reino. I will not forget you in my prayer group. May you Rest In Peace.

What a beautiful young soul you were to many of the faithful. May Father God have mercy on Anthony and bless his family with the grace of your presence Holy Spirit. En el mundo necesitamos mas como tu!! Hombres que se expresen como son sin miedo y trasparencia… que vivan lo que son. Anthony por hacer de este mundo un mejor lugar, ahora nos corresponde a nosotros llevar lo que iniciaste y seguiras haciendo desde el Cielo: Llevar a Cristo en medio de las redes sociales, calles, todo tipo de persona que merece conocer el gran amor y la alegria de ser hijo de Dios… Que en paz descanse!!

Caro Fratello Antony, adesso che sei nella luce della Pasqua eterna e in compagnia dei Santi, ricordati di noi pellegrini sulla Terra. Grazie di tutto, dei tuoi buoni esempi, preghiamo per te!

Arrivederci… Requiescat in pace. We had riceroni for lunch and you and Justin were telling jokes making me laugh so hard rice shot out of my nose probably why I remember it so vividly …you always had a good sense of humor and smile on your face.

Rest In Peace Anthony. Our condolences to Mrs Debbie, Mr Brian and family. Para mi hermano en Cristo Anthony , mis oraciones. Con la plena confianza en la misericordia del Padre eterno. Adoptauntio para Android y Adoptauntio para iOs Bumble. Una vez conectados, es ella la que siempre da el primer paso.

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