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As Mayor, Gavin transformed San Francisco into one of the most environmentally friendly cities on earth, promoting environmental justice and forging a new sustainable path towards job creation and economic growth.

As Lieutenant Governor, Gavin has utilized his position on the State Lands Commission to ensure that California is addressing the complex challenges of its nuclear and clean energy future.

He understands that through a combination of increased funding for affordable housing and practical incentives to spur construction, we can build the housing we need. Gavin also believes the state has a moral obligation to take care of its most vulnerable and get serious about ending homelessness. Gavin pursued a strategy in San Francisco that aimed to break the cycle of dependency and move people into stable situations. Thirty-six days into his first mayoral term, Gavin threw himself into one of the most divisive issues in U.

Gavin knows that to truly achieve gender equality, we need more women in leadership. As Lieutenant Governor, he has been a strong defender of Planned Parenthood funding, paid family leave, and solving the pay gap crisis.

He is the only statewide official to endorse all five major criminal justice ballot initiatives: Ranging from his work on the State Lands Commission, to mobile apps, to open data initiatives, to his book, Citizenville, Gavin is a leading national voice for a government that is more open, transparent, and accessible to all Californians.

He is a prominent supporter of the Open Data Initiative and launched Digital Democracy, a first-of-its-kind online and interactive video platform to empower advocates, journalists and citizens by harnessing the power of facial recognition software, language-processing technology, and campaign finance databases, with video and social media. Governor Newsom believes that by creating a transparent government through technology, we can engage the collective wisdom of people outside government and put the power in the hands of the people to transform government, democratize voices, and bring our nineteenth-century government into the twenty-first century.

About Gavin Conocer a Gavin. Child Poverty Pobreza Infantil. Gavin Newsom cumple su segundo mandato como Vicegobernador de California tras una exitosa Carrera en el sector privado y en el gobierno local.

Economic Growth As Mayor, Gavin balanced seven consecutive budgets on time during national economic instability without laying off a single teacher, police officer, or firefighter.

Education As Mayor, Gavin created a unique partnership with the school district, teachers and students to improve test scores, reduce truancy and promote a culture of learning from preschool through college. Energy and the Environment As Mayor, Gavin transformed San Francisco into one of the most environmentally friendly cities on earth, promoting environmental justice and forging a new sustainable path towards job creation and economic growth.

Technology in Government Ranging from his work on the State Lands Commission, to mobile apps, to open data initiatives, to his book, Citizenville, Gavin is a leading national voice for a government that is more open, transparent, and accessible to all Californians. Sue Berry Click to e-mail Sue impactpsa Telephone: Click here to e-mail edsukbd. Fanny Wong Click to e-mail aeaohk-fanny yahoo. National Symposium on Security and Safety of older persons Sponsored by: The program would begin with tea and snacks at 6PM and would be followed by the symposium.

Registration is free For further info, please contact: Ashish Goel Click here to e-mail ashish goel Telephone: Mala Kapur Shankardass Click here to e-mail: Host Essay Competition from May 20th to June 20th 2. Online Elder Abuse Survey Elder Abuse - Click here 3. Sailesh Mishra Click to e-mail sailesh gmail. Dhanalaxmi Rao Click to e-mail gmail. Click above to download. Bulk SMS will be send to more than 10, people Bulk Email will be send to more than 25, people Click for larger image.

Month long activity on Social Media sites. Un Tabou Qui Dure Endroit: National Media Press releases and discussion on television, radio and newspapers. Tuesday 14th June Visit to older people at local social services centre to discuss the issue of elder abuse. Wednesday 15th June Fashion show with older people in the Residence and raising awareness about elder abuse.

Thursday 16th June Bus outing with residents highlighting the importance in all having the right to participate in all daily activities. Bus will be decorated in purple ribbons. Friday 17th June Visit from the local community Garda who will chat to residents about abuse prevention and reporting. Staff workshop highlighting awareness. Facilitation of written reflections on elder abuse.

These will be collected, copied onto green card and hung onto a 'tree' in reception on the day similar to a 'Jessie Tree' at Christmas. Schull Community Hospital Cork Schull Wednesday 15th June Coffee morning involving all residents and their families and friends Release of purple balloons during coffee morning Symbolic wearing of purple ribbons made by residents.

A piper from the Valentia island pipe band will open proceedings with piped music. Wednesday 15th June Multi-denominational prayer ceremony Symbolic wearing of the colour purple by staff and residents Day room to be decorated in the colour purple Wearing of purple ribbons made in craft class.

Media coverage to record the event. All members of staff and visitors to Oakdale are invited to write a message on a piece of purple card, describing simply what they have learned from our residents. The individual cards will be displayed on a larger board with photographs and given to the residents, thanking them for all they have taught us about life and living.

Staff members are invited to write a short note addressed to themselves in the future. The note will ask the person to imagine themselves at an age and in a situation similar to that of our residents.

The letter will probe staff members to reflect and consider "If I was this age what would be important to me to be able to do? To register for this event, name and organisation required by 13 June. On the web at www. Natasa Todorovic Click to e-mail natasa redcross Telephone: Ponte en su Piel Sponsored by: You can find more information on our campaign and other related topics on our website http: Juan Pablo Correa Telephone: Concerned About Care Sponsored By: Admission is FREE and it is aimed at relatives of those in care, and even for people in care themselves.

Find out what is defined as 'abuse' and what isn't. Taylor has years experience in the care industry as a care giver and as a professional trainer. He will explain what to look for when selecting a care home.

He will explain in simple terms how to detect abuse, what the law says, and what you can do to protect your loved one. If you have a relative in care you are most welcome to bring them. As Mr Taylor says: They are truly the eyes and ears that will ensure the highest standards of care are met. For further details, please contact: Matthew Taylor Click to e-mail info kisacademy Telephone: Coffee and Cakes Morning Sponsored by: We are aiming to raise awareness of Elder abuse. Providing cakes ,coffee and discussions of support available for people who experience or are aware of elder abuse.

On the web at merseycare. Sue Jones Click to e-mail s. Audrey Turke Click to e-mail a. Cake and Ribbons at the Information Day Sponsored by: Shropshire Partners in Care Venue: Karen Littleford Click here to e-mail K.

Marion Kelly Click here to e-mail M. Information Stand Sponsored by: The team will be giving out purple ribbons to members of the public. Judith McGillivray Click e-mail judith telford. Marcela Browne Tecleo al email m browne yahoo. Trabajar Violencia y mujeres de distintas generaciones Patrocinado por: Valerie Mealla Tecleo al email valerie mealla acelerate.

Mariana Zilli Calabresi Clique ao email forumidoso forumdoidoso. En el Internet en www. Provincia de Marga Marga: Provincia de San Felipe: Provincia de Los Andes: Provincia de San Antonio: Provincia de Isla de Pascua: Zaida Esquivel Tecleo al email z esquivel ageco.

Rosy Pereyra Tecleo al email rosy pereyra gmail. Liliana Giraldo Tecleo al email l giraldor yahoo. Lunes 13 de junio de - - Lugar: Martes 14 de junio de - - Lugar: Rueda de prensa Objetivo: Jueves 16 de junio de - - Lugar: Personas de diferentes grupos de edad. Programas que leventan el tema de los abusos que se cometen contra las personas mayores en nuestras agendas nacionales.

Actividades 15 de junio Tecleo para transferir Afiche. Tecleo para transferir Programa. Gina Bardelli Tecleo al email gina bardelli yahoo. Porque haya un mejor trato entre las generaciones.

Splatsin Health Services Venue: Speakers will discuss "what is Elder Abuse", "what to do about it". Politicians and community members have been invited to attend. For registration information, please telephone On the web at Splatsin. Patricia Bell Click here to e-mail patricia bell splatsin Telephone: Elder Abuse Forum Sponsored by: Video of Elder Abuse. For further info, click to e-mail fernwoodtrc gmail Contact: Linda Wiebe Click to e-mail Lwiebe shaw Telephone: Walking with us is a local primary school to show their support.

Many different organizations who have an interest in promoting quality of life for our elders are invited. No cost, just show up and have fun. Fur further info, please contact: BlogTalkRadio and iLinc Webinar Wednesday, June 15, Beginning at 1pm Eastern On this 30 minute radio segment, listeners will hear national experts discuss the realities of our aging population, the impact this has on society, the dynamics of ageism, and how community-based programs can work together to prevent and respond to abuse and neglect in later life.

Visit this link on June 15th at 1pm: Guardian Awareness Campaign Sponsored by: Leading up to June 15 the association will alert its membership of nearly people about WEAAD encouraging them to wear purple ribbons and to observe the day. Members will be provided a news release to announce their participation to local media and will be given ideas for implementing projects in their local areas. State guardianship associations that are affiliated with NGA will also be asked to organize events or opportunities within their state.

They have come together to create a voice for these silent victims of abuse and financial exploitation. In recognition of International Elder Abuse Awareness Day, approximately 35 citizens from 15 states are traveling to Capitol Hill where they will share the stories of their incapacitated elderly or disabled loved ones who have been silent victims of abuse and exploitation.

They will each talk about their experience in their state and how it impacted their own lives and the lives of their families. Those interested in attending to listen only click here to e-mail stopelderabuse On the web at www. Latifa Ring Click here to e-mail stopelderabuse.

The goal of the taskforce is to be a voice for those who have no voice, sharing their stories with each other, with agencies and with leaders on the Hill who have the power to make a difference and to bring an end to this travesty.

The taskforce will deliver a petition signed by over people asking for national reform, will meet with legislators and will convene a session to craft recommendations for change to end elder and guardianship abuse.

This event is not accepting anymore people to present but is open to those interested in learning more about the problems of elder abuse and financial exploitation of incapacitated elderly and disabled adults.

Join the Arizona Fiduciaries Association: Protect Arizona's Elders Sponsored by: The Arizona Fiduciaries Association Venue: Throughout Arizona, Visit www. Members of the Arizona Fiduciaries Association will promote elder abuse awareness and prevention on Wednesday, June 15 throughout Arizona.

To help educate our communities about this important issue, we invite you to join our effort in protecting one of Arizona's most valuable resources - our elders. Education tables with literature on elder abuse, prevention and reporting. Collection of donations of bottled water and canned goods to donate to homeless shelter for seniors. Pledge Petition signifying the commitment of Arizona's citizens to make elder abuse awareness and prevention a priority in protecting Arizona's vulnerable citizens.

Wear purple to demonstrate your commitment to preventing and reporting elder abuse and standing together to protect Arizona's vulnerable citizens. For More Information, on the web at www. Charity Antal Click here to e-mail charity azfid.

Interested in having a table at the event! Renee Paquier Click here to e-mail renee. Carla Cisi Click here to e-mail carla. Elder Abuse Awareness Day Sponsored by: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence Venue: Boulder Senior Services Arapahoe Ave. Marisol Click here to e-mail marisol safehousealliance Telephone: A day of information sharing and awareness raising about the prevention of abuse, where the resources are, and most importantly;.

For further information, please telephone ext. Monday, May 2, From 9: Tuesday, May 31, From Thursday, June 9, From 1: Local seniors will dialogue with local banking officials about their services directed toward them. Seniors will also learn how to prevent from being a victim of financial fraud and scams.

For further info, please contact: Click here to download. Event coordinated for outreach to financial community to bring awareness of elder financial exploitation. Marilyn Gregory Click here to e-mail M. Gail Holton Click here to e-mail G.

Sarah Rode Click here to e-mail Sarah elderaffairs Telephone: Lisa Bretz Click here to e-mail Lisa elderaffairs Telephone: Battell Community Center N. Though attendance is free, because of limited space, please RSVP by phone or e-mail to: Laura Sevy Click to e-mail fjcsjc.

This entire event is free, including any agencies or businesses who would like to have an information table at the event. Please contact Laura for details or further information. Remember to wear something purple to show your support! Please RSVP by phone or e-mail as seating is limited. Raising Elder Abuse Awareness Sponsored by: Hosted by Scarborough Terrace and Greenwood.

Certificates will be available.

Because Elder Abuse should never be ignored!

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